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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest department of the institute established in the year 2008. It is also one of the biggest departments in terms of students’ strength, infrastructure and amenities. While managing this increased strength which is an urgent need of today’s nation, department is committed to well-being and all round development for their students.

Department houses an institute central facility on Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, in house Software Training Programs and many more. The department is very well equipped with research facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. Department has more than 250 computing systems and workstations loaded with wide range of software products covering all areas of mechanical engineering.

The department is associated with the professional body student chapter of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering. A number of regular activities are held under the banner of this chapter throughout the year for industry-academia interaction. The chapter is run by a team of experienced persons, top industrialists as well as academicians who regularly interact with the students.

Why You Choose Mechanical Engineering

Project Presentation Of Mechanical Department

Can Crusher Machine:-[First Year Students]

Project idea is about crushing the canes which can be further utilized for recycle.This was a small model which gives the idea of a crushing plant.

Leaf Spring Tester:-[4th Year Students]

This project idea is about to measure the pressure on a leaf spring there is a system which is having pressure sensor.The value gives spring stiffness.

Safety Elevator [3rd Year Students]

Project safety elevator design by mechanical student to prevent elevator on Rapid drop down. It has smart lock system which locks at certain point after breakage of Rope

Air Condition System:[ 3rd Year Students]

Project reveals the detail of air condition system which is assembled by student itself.

Friction Based Water Pump [4th Year Students]

Student project is based on centrifugal action of pump .The pump is driven by friction pad which gets drive from bicycle wheel .It can be used for agriculture household application without any electricity.

Robotic Arm -[2nd Year Students]

This project concept is mixture of mechanical and electronics .Sensors and actuators used to drive the parts of robotic arm .

Kinetically Mechanized Vehicle [2nd Year Students]

The project reveals that the motion can be kinetically transferred by links. This is useful in areas such as desert, mountains where sometimes rotatory motion is not applicable

Differential System [4th Year Students]

Differential is the key element to drive the vehicle when it's about to take Turn .The Cut section of Differential system is put for project by which student can learn about the complexity of Differential.

Multipurpose Circular Saw Machine [2nd Year Students]

This project idea is about to cut the required job at different parameter.multioperation can be done on this machine.

Industrial Visit's

Industrail Visit At Rama Phosphate, Udaipur

Industrial visit is a key element of engineering course which enhance the practical knowledge of student. In Rama phosphates students learn about work study, time study, gear box Chain and Pulley system.

Industrail Visit At Eicher, Udaipur

Industrial visit is a key element of engineering course which enhance the practical knowledge of student.Visited core company Om Motors .

Industrail Visit At JK Cement, Udaipur

Industrial visit is a key element of engineering course which enhance the practical knowledge of student.Visit at jK Tyre students are benefited by the knowledge of tyre industry various process like rolling, tread rolling ,beading are carried out to manufacture the tire

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